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Message from Brock Nuckolls, President of Citizens Bank & Trust


Citizens Bank & Trust has been in operation for more than 120 years and we pride ourselves in running our bank in a safe & sound manner. Like many community banks in our great state of Missouri, Citizens Bank & Trust’s asset quality is in a great position, capital levels are strong and past due loans remain to be at historical lows. The recent bank closures in California and New York are not normal in today’s banking environment and do not reflect the norm for banks across Missouri or across America. The closed banks had significant exposure to volatile sectors, including cryptocurrency. Citizens Bank & Trust has no exposure to these sectors, especially not in cryptocurrency. Citizens Bank & Trust will continue to support our customer base in Northwest Missouri and in our neighboring counties of Iowa and Nebraska with safe & sound banking practices. FDIC insured institutions like Citizens Bank & Trust, remain to be the safest place for customers to hold their deposits. The FDIC insures each depositor to at least $250,000 and in their 88-year history, no one has ever lost a penny of an FDIC insured deposit. If you have questions about FDIC deposit insurance amounts, please contact us in our locations of Rock Port or Mound City.


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